Thursday, May 16, 2013


It has been a good hot minute or so since I have had a "Letters" post. As usual so much has gone on so I have a lot on my mind to share!

Dear Toledo,
I am loving Jess playing here and fall more and more in love with this city daily. It might have to do with the company I have here but I will just chalk it up that it's the city's charm and continue to marvel at the beautiful grass, trees and flowers!

Dear warmer weather,
You are FABULOUS! I started to think I was going to be wearing a coat well into July. It finally feels like it's baseball season with all this wonderful weather!

Dear Target,
Why must you tempt me? Or why must I tempt myself? I go in for 2 things that I need (ok 1 thing that I NEED) and come out with 5 things. Luckily my husband was napping when I came in so I could hide the evidence. Plus I got him something so that counts, right??

Dear Monette's,
I LOVE YOU. I could visit you everyday! Thankfully you are right around the corner and I can walk to you whenever I feel the need to see beautiful, bright colors, smell fresh produce and aromas of your homemade soups.

Dear Kinny,
I am sorry I am going to miss your 1st dance recital. Im sure you are going to rock everyone's socks off and I will be watching via Skype. Thank God for technology so that I don't miss the little things.

Dear God,
Thank you for your blessings. I am so unworthy but you continuously shine down on me everyday. Thank you for keeping Ennis safe during the tornado last night and allowing only structural damage to be done.

Here lately I feel as though life has been so beautiful. I have been looking into everyday with so much more of an endearing aspect and I hope that this new perspective is here to stay.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday Eve!


Dear readers,
Thank you for reading ;)


  1. Dear Sista,

    I love this! Can I steal this format??


    p.s. I miss your cray cray self!

  2. Dear Eri,

    You and Kins look A LOT alike in this picture!!

    Dear God,

    Please do not let them also ACT alike.

    Love, Tiffany